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VS512MB400 with Abit KD7A - keeps crashing


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Hi there,


A friend and I have the exact same spec'ed machine.


Abit KD7A Mobo


Radeon 9600 128MB Graphics

and Corsair 512MB PC3200 DIMM RAM (VS512MB400).


When we play games, such as Half-Life, the machine will tend to crash, and often restart on it's own (due to Window's automatic restart on system failure).


The crashing occurs quite often, usually within 30 minutes of playing the game. Under normal Windows operation (ie; surfing the net, checking mail), the machine does not crash - only when it's under high processing it seems to crash.


After a lot of research and software updates, the problem persists.


Just recently, my friend and I both changed RAM chips to another brand. Both systems run fine, and are yet to crash (been a month so far).


So I've pin-pointed the problem to be the Corsair RAM, how ever, the odds of both these chips being faulty are quite high, so I'm tipping it's some sort of compatability issue?


If there is a known fix for this, please let me know, else I'll follow the RMA procedures.



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Can you tell me the bios settings you have set for both CPU and memory and any performance settings that you may have set?


DRAM Clock : By SPD

DRAM Timing Selectable : By SPD

DRAM Burst Length : 4

DRAM Command Rate : 2T Command

Write Recovery Time : 3T

DDR400 tWTR timing control : 2T

DDR DQS Input Delay : Auto

DDR DQS Output Delay : Auto


CPU to AGP Post Write : Enabled

AGP Aperture Size : 128M

AGP Data Transfer Rate : 8X

AGP Fast Write : Enable

AGP Master 1 WS Write : Disabled

AGP Master 1 WS Read : Disabled

AGP 3.0 Calibration Cycle : Enabled

AGP Driving Control : Auto


PCI Master 0 WS Write

PCI Master 0 WS Read

CPU to PCI Post Write

VLink 8X Support

PCI Delay Transaction



Memory Hole At 15-16M : Disabled

System BIOS Cacheable : Enabled

Video RAM Cachable : Disabled


That's about all the settings there are.



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