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Calling RAMGUY...>HELP

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This is a little long...but I NEED your help


I have searched the forums and have found MUCH helpful information. I have just spent the last 3 hours trying to get the NEW RAM I just bought from NewEgg to work...with NO LUCK.


I have the Intel PERL D865 Motherboard with a 3.2 Ghz CPU. I WAS running 1GB of memory in the form of 2 Kingston ValueRAM 256MB PC3200 SDRAM sticks and 2 Samsung ValueRAM 256MB PC3200 SDRAM sticks.


All was well, but I wanted better performance in what game? You guessed it....Battlefield 2.


So....When the new RAM arrived from Newegg arrived, I removed all Ram sticks and placed one each of the 1GB Corsair Twinx2048-3200c2pt RT sticks in DIMM0 Slot A and one of them in DIMM0 Slot B, just as my motherboard manual told me to do to utilize the dual channel paging. The system recognized the RAM but kept rebooting.


I did EVERY STEP YOU SAID TO DO in previous threads, including MANUALLY setting the Cas Latency (all four settings actually) and disabling the T1 setting thing...but the system kept rebooting. It wouldn't even go into windows...but would reboot.


I have the MOST RECENT Bios, and even RESET the Bios as instructed. This reset my date and stuff, but that was OK.


I tried to reboot again and this time I got "Windows cannot restart due to a corrupt or missing system file."


Dudes...I was about to go through the roof. I calmly searched some websites on my working PC and ran "last good configuration". It got to the windows loading screen, but rebooted.


SO....I took out ONE of the sticks and left ONE 1GB stick in DIMM0 slot A, and it rebooted fine. I ran EVEREST Home Edition and found that it was defaulting to 3-3-3-8 at 200Mhz. That kinda doesnt mean much to me...but it at least booted.


So....then I took out the WORKING stick and put the other stick in.....REBOOT...HANGS...etc.


Then I get memtest from memtest.org (see...I follow your directions well :) )


When I test the "non working" stick, I get about 21492 errors and the test is only 16% done. I don't really know how to operate Memtest, but I can tell you the screen is ALL RED and I have 4 in the TST column, 1 in the PASS column, and almost 25,000 errors......and still going.


I guess I am heartbroken because I ordered this last week from NewEgg and was counting the minutes for it to arrive, and now...out of the box...I have a bad stick.


I just now got off the phone with NewEgg who is issuing me an RMA for BOTH STICKS, and told me that if I wanted, I could get a credit.


So, to save time and get my RAM FAST, I just went online and ordered ANOTHER SET of 2x1G Twinx2048-3200c2pt RT for ANOTHER $279.00.


When they get my RMA'd RAM....they will issue me a credit.


All well and good...but now I have to wait ANOTHER week to get my gaming goodness on, and frankly, I am scared to death that the NEXT pack of sticks may be bad too.


Please help ease my mind. Speak some words of gentle soothing to ease my frustration. After 3 hours or nearly wanting to smash my 21" lcd monitor...it comes down to a bad stick right out of the box.


I ain't mad at you..but is this common? How can I BE SURE to get two working sticks? What if one of the NEW sticks arrives not working?


HELP! I am in panic mode alpha.


I appreciate this forum, as I have been crawling it for the last 3 hours. I just need to hear some words of encouragement from you.


Thanks in Advance,



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... next time post in the Corsair section :D: Moved thread to correct area.


Anyway, CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:


Chance of getting one bad stick is rare enough, so your next pack (assuming the probabilities don't bite you in the *** of course) will be fine.


Correct timings:


CAS Latency (tCL): 2

RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 3

Row Precharge (tRP): 3

Active to Precharge Delay (tRAS): 6

Command Rate: 1T


Memory Voltage: 2.75 Volts (warrantied up to, but not over, 2.9 volts)

All other settings to defaults.

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I will think about the warranty when it TOTALLY trashes my windows/system file...like it TRIED to do this time.


My question is....are the sticks MATCHED per pack? Like if I get a bad stick this time, would the working stick play nice with the working stick from the first pack?


I will hold onto this first pack of two until I have the next pack in hand....just in case.


I will try to hard set it to 2-3-3-6 but the PERL MB defaulted it to 3-3-3-8.


How MUCH of a difference in a game like BF2 will I notice between the two timing sets?



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My question is....are the sticks MATCHED per pack? Like if I get a bad stick this time, would the working stick play nice with the working stick from the first pack?


Do you mean if you send ONE stick from a TwinX pack, will the replacement work fine w/ the other one? Maybe, but that's why it's recommended to send in both sticks of a TwinX pack so they can be replaced with another TwinX pack.

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My NEW twinpack should be here Friday. I would put both sticks in...and run MEMTEST immediately.


If both run fine..then I will let the MB set the timings.


I am sure I won't notice TOO much of a difference playing BF2 with default timings.


Thanks all.



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I am going thru similar situation. I am doing 2 system builds with intel d865perl motherboards. I purchased XMS ddr 3200 memory also (cmx512-3200c2pt x2). I also have the most current bios (P21). According to the technical specifications from intel, this is the memory the d865perl supports:


"the desktop board d865perl has four dimm sockets and supports the following memory features: 2.5 V (only) 184-pin ddr sdram dimms with gold-plated contacts..."


And from what i understand, the XMS memory seems to prefer voltage in the 2.7x range...that is a problem i think. With less voltage, the actual performance of this memory will most likely be less that what it is spec'd for. Probably why the ramguy also often recommends better power supplies. Clearly, intel runs 2.5 volts "(only)" to the memory..so... it seems that the "value select" line would be a better match for this board.. I discovered this by searching on newegg for 2.5 volt corsair memory dimms...

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