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Help Upgraded to VS1GB400C3 1 gig sticks and performance worse

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First of all, I am a noob. Growing up in the ghetto, I could never afford computers, so any help is welcome.


I just upgraded my Asus a7n8x (AMD 2600+) from two 512's to two Corsair VS1GB400C3 1 gig sticks. My performance is actually worse now. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to change to make it run correctly with this RAM. Some interesting notes.


If I set Memory Frequency to AUTO in the BIOS, it boots at 166. The only way I can egt it to boot at 200mhz, is to set it to By Spd.


I have seen some post about the 8-3-3-2.5 numbers, and I assume that is latency, precharge delay, RAS to CAS delay and such, but in what order are these when they are posted as such, I mean, what is the 8, the 3 and what not?


Also, I heard it is best to disable FSB Spread Spectrum, but it won't let me change it.



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Would any of you happen to know if it;s supposed to say "Dual Channel" when it posts? Cause I don't see it.


Also, I just can't figure it out, with my 6800 Ultra and everything, my rig should rock, I'm lost. What is a good benchmarking program, I got one and it had no other computers like mine listed?

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