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Bad VS 1GB 400 C3 RAM


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My system is an AMD 3200+ (barton core)

motherboard : 7NNXP Gigabyte

Powersuply : antec 550 watt


I've got a dual channel low latency (c2) corsair twinmatched pair (2*512mb, pc3200 ddr) & 1 value select 1 gig pc3200 Corsair.


My sytem has worked without any problem for more then two months.

Last weeks I suddenly got blue screens.

I did a memory test with memtest86.

First test with all memory in it. --> failure with test 5

Second test with only 2*512 mb in it. --> no failure for 12 hours.

Third test with only the 1 gig value select : failure.


I checked every possible order. So the memtest was done with the value select ram in Dimm1, Dimm2, Dimm3 & Dimm4.


Normally I had Dimm1 = 512 mb

Dimm2= 512mb

Dimm3= 1 gig.


I removed the 1 gig ram a week ago, & my system runs without any blue screen or crash since then.

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Are you trying to mix these modules? If so please try the Value select module by it self and reset your bios and load setup/optimized ddefaults and set the Dim Over Voltage Control to +.2 Volts and test the module with http://www.memtest.org to be sure. But you WILL NOT be able to mix our XMS and Valeu Select in this system.
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