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sk8v - which ram to work with ocz memory?

Guest mrnick1234567

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Guest mrnick1234567



I have an Asus sk8v which at the moment has 512mb of OCZ memory in.


I'd like to upgrade by adding another 1gb, but which modules will be compatible with the OCZ memory I already have?


the existing memory is OCZ dual channel (2x 256MB sticks) PC3200 EL DDR Registered 2-2-3-6.


scan.co.uk has the following listed:


part LN6514 - "1Gb Corsair XMS, DDR, PC3200RE, ECC registered, Lifetime Warranty (AMD FX51 Compatible) 3-3-3-8"


or part LN5856 - " 512 Mb Corsair XMS, DDR, Reg-PC3200C2PT, Cas 2, Lifetime Warranty (AMD FX51 Compatible)" - (this is one stick so i'd need 2.)


The Sk8V manual says to always install DIMMS with the same CAS Latency (so in my case cas 2) but i'm not sure if that is per pair of dual channel or across the whole 4 memory slots.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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