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A8V + Twinx1024 + MHZ not higher than 200


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Hello everybody out there!



I'm David, i'm new to this forum and i hope that there is someone outthere who can help me.


I found this forum cauz of my problems with my system.

Yes, i used the board search function, and i spent about 3 days on reading topics that includes information on my system conf and so on...


i tried nearly everything but it wont worke... so now atm im really frustrated and would like to hit my damn computer with a big hammer ;-)


Ok, my problems are the RAM. You can view my sys conf from my signature... its not possible to archiev more than 200 MHZ FSB, not with 2,5-3-3-7 or 3-4-4-8..... i know that the CPU isn't the limiting faktor cause atm ive run my 3200 @ 2400 mhz with a 3:2 divider (yes, the RAMs are at 200 MHZ) and a HTT of 1000 and a core voltage of 1,5.


My RAM's have the follwing configuration:


CAS: 2

RAS to CAS (TRCD): 2

RAS to RAS (TrrD): 2

Row precharge time (Trp): 2

write revoery time (twr): 3

min ras active time (tras) 7

row ciycle time (trc): 10

row refresh cycle time (trfc): 11

write to read delay time (twtr): 1

read to write delay time (trtw): 3

refresh rate (tref): 166 mHZ 3.9us

write cas latency (twcl) : 1

read write queue bypass: 8x

controller mode: 128bit

ecc mode: disabeld

2t timing: enable

bypass max: 4x

max async latency: 7ns

read paramle: 6.0ns

idle cycle limit: 16clks

dynamic idle cycle counter: enable

memclk frequency: 166


Ram Voltage: Auto


I tried so much, ram voltage on 2,8 and 2,5-3-3-7 but nothing, it's completly unstable. i also chanched the ram slots (from 1A, 1B to 2A, 2B, dual mode all the time)


I've seen a few people who achived with the same hardware conf as mine ~220 MHZ FSB, the max stable core was 205 MHZ fsb :-(


Ah, before i forget, the first ram ive used were the TWINX4400 PC550 CL2... with this ram it was the same story... not over 205 mhz stable... could it be that my mobo is damaged in any kind of way?


It was also strange, when i tested my system with MEMTEST... the ram was ok at 220MHz (test duration was 10 mins).. but in windows with super-pi i always get "NOT CONVERGENT IN SQR" and the nice bluescreens (page fault, 0x00000008)


i thank you all very much, for your help!


Before i forgett,i use the 1014.800 biso version, i also tried 1015 but the same problems... should i use 1009?


Ciao David

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thank you for your postings, but i've already tried....


the most i can get out of my A8V Deluxe is 2,8.. and with this vdimm the ram are also unstable... i'm really frustrated, i'm thinking of going and buy some crusial ram, ive heard they are better in combination with the a8v...


i also forgot to say that i'm using the newest 4in1 drivers(i think 5.x or someting like that).... but that shouldn't be the problem or ?(cauz sometimes the system also crash while booting the OS)


Ciao David

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this night i figured out that when i have 2T Enabeld i cant boot into windows. with disabeld no problem.. there i get 4700mb/s @ sandra, when i enable it right in windows via the a64 tweaker, i get 5245mb/s...


so how is this possible?

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Today I tested my rams as following:


Only 1 RAM at a time @ 1T -> stable (sandra: 3000 mb/s)

2 RAMs @ single -> wont even boot into bios

2 Rams @ dual @ 1T -> unstable (sandra: 5600 mb/s, crashs after 1-2 mins)


The only way to get my RAM stable is

2 RAMs @ dual @ 2T -> stable (sandra: 4600 mb/s)


But i think this score sucks....


So please can anyone tell me if this is normal?

Im now at the end of my knowledge.. i really tried everything, different settings, different memmory (corsair xms4400 & xms3200) but nothing works, its not even possible to overclock just 1 Mhz,... thats crazy...


Im very disappointed by Asus, i never had such a complicated motherboard,... also it semms to me that i'm not the only one with these kind of problems, so i ask you, can you give me a good advice,which motherboard or what rams i could buy to get a nice overclock (RAMs that could handle 240MHZ FSB would be allready great enough).


So then,...:[pouts: :[pouts: :[pouts: David

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mhm, i was on the taiwan site from asus, and its the same one like in austria, germany, china.... the only difference is: it's harder to read *lol*


i allready flashed my bios to 1015.002, and formyself it semmed to be more unstable than with the 1014...




i got two last questions:


Is there such a big difference between 200 and 240 mhz fsb for the ram, or are that only some frames in a game....


would be the DFI Lanparty 3 with the corsair 4400cl2 a good choice?


thanks for your advices in advance



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I now realized that there are 2 dif.. version of the dfi nf2, the one i was talking about is the 939 version ;-)


Tweaking in the Bios is from now on no problem ;-)


Through my ASUS a8v i learned really much about ram overclocking ^^.



with creative cooling you mean LN2 or is water-cooling creative enough?


Cya David

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So, i thank you very much RAM guy for your help!


Im now really thinking of changing my motherboard, but before i make the same mistake again i will read a lot more about the dfi nf3 than ive done on my a8v ;-)


The only think i now want to know:


Are the Corsair Twinx3200XL working fine together with the nf3 (~240 MHZ FSB)




wich Memory runs stable on the A8V, and has a good overclocking potental?


The best think would be to buy the nf3 and twinx4400, but it's also the way with the most work ;-) (changing mobo in completly watercooled system take ours)


And changing ram is very fast done ;-)


Many thanks in advance,



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Yeah I Did it,... i am now stabel at T1 !!!!!


Big thanks to mice183 from computerbase.de





with his settings im now running my corsair at 2-2-2-5-1 ;-)

Sandra: 5860 MB/s


thats fine or?`


By the way,.. i gues the failure that i have made was that i disabeld hardware memory hole ;-)


also a big thanks to RAM GUY ;-)


The only disadvantage is now that its not possible to overclock the Cosair...

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  • 1 month later...

dope (or RAM Guy)...


I'm having a similar problem with same RAM/Motherboard combo. How did you finally solve the problem...I clicked the link and it's in German!


Can you explain in english what finally did it? I'd like to get my RAM to work at 2-2-2-5-1T without errors.




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HT Frequency = 1000 Mhz

HT DATA Width (Upstream) = 16 Bit

HT DATA Width (Downstream) = 16 Bit

Advanced - Memory Configuration

Memclock Mode = Limit

Memclock to CPU Ratio = 2:1 (DDR 400)

Hardware Memory Hole = Enabled

Bank Interleaving = Enabled

Burst Length = 4 Beats

MCT Timing Mode = Manual

CAS Latency CL = 2.0

TRAS = 5

TRP = 2

TRCD = 2


TRC = Auto

TRFC = Auto

TRWT = Auto

TWCL = Auto

TWR = Auto

Async Lat = Auto

Read Preamble Setting = Auto

2T Command = Disabled


Advanced - Cool N’ Quiet Configuration

Cool N’ Quiet = Enabled


Advanced - AGP Chipset Configuration

Primary Graphics Adapter = AGP

Search for MDA Resources = Yes

VLINK 8X supported = Enabled

AGP Mode = 8x

AGP Fast Write = Disabled

Graphics Aperture Size = 64MB

AGP 3.0 Calibration Cycle = Enabled

DBI Output for AGP Trans = Disabled

Advanced - South Chipset Configuration

MPS Revision = 1.4

PCI Delay Transaction = Disabled


Advanced – Advanced PCI/PnP Settings

Plug and Play OS = YES

PCI Latency Timer = 64

Allocate IRQ to PCI VGA = NO

Palette Snooping = Disabled

Advanced – Config System Frequency/Voltage

AI Overclocking = Manual

CPU FSB = 200Mhz

AGP/PCI Frequency = Auto

DDR Voltage = 2.7V

AGP Voltage = 1.5V

V-Link Voltage = 2.5V

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