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Bad CMX512


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For over a year I've been happily running with an Asus A7N8X-Deluxe with an AMD 1.3 Athlon in dual mode with two sticks of CMX 512-2700C2 (XMS2702v1.2 0345071 XMS2700 512MB 333MHz CL2). A few days ago I began experiencing random BSODs, all variety of STOP messages and other unexplainable bizarre behavior. Removing both and then insertion of one at time (with auto detect of single mode) results in one stick that boots with no problem and the other stick results in no post.


In a another setup with same MB, chip, video card as my system had the same separate stick results.


Please advise if I can get an RMA. Thanks.

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Sorry but I still haven't gotten an e-mail with an RMA. I completed the online RMA form using Post ID = 222097. I let eight days pass and then checked my e-mail again but no luck. So, on Wednesday, I came back to my posts and clicked on the "submitted RMA online but no reply" link in your signature block (post #5) and provided the information. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
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