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TwinX1024-3200C2PT with A64/SLI?


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I have a "1GB TwinX Matched Memory Pair" 2 x CMX512-3200C2PT (XMS3202v1.2) that I was going to use with a NF7-S / 2600+ Mobile then a MSI Neo2 / 3400+ Newcastle system that is now not going to be built because of a deal I worked out with the boss lady.


So I was wondering if I could I use this with a SLI rig she "may" let me build instead? I will use the same cpu (2.2 Ghz 3400+ Newcastle, 800MHz), a MSI Neo4 Platinum SLI or Asus A8N-SLI Premium, and (if I'm lucky) 2 x BFG 7800XT OCs.


Have "rushed" through several threads dealing with type of memory and it seems that it should (cpu is primary concern), but I'm in the middle of a major "brain dead" time!:o:

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