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Default Memory speed not correct

Tom Clary

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I am building a new system for a friend. It is a new ASRock K8NF4G-SATA2 mother board (NForce 4 with integrated GeForce 6100 video) and a stick of 512MB Corsair ValueSelect RAM (VS512MB400).


First sign was bios defaulted to 166MHz (DDR333) but everything booted fine. After getting XP loaded, I installed CPUZ to check out the RAM settings. As one would expect, it agreed with the BIOS settings of 166MHz. But most interesting, the SPD tab was totally blank. My guess is that either the SPD on this new module is corrupt or the bios/motherboard has an issue reading the SPD information. Any thoughts?


I manually specified 200Mhz (DDR400) in the BIOS and things seem to be running fine. My guess the bios not being able to read the SPD defaulted to the slowest settings. A follow on question is what should the other default settings be for this memory module?

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