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replacement does not say dual channel


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received my matched set of 2 512 sticks of ddr pc3200 xms memory. model number twinx1024-3200C2...per corsair site i am supposed to make the following settings in bios:

speed: in my bios called memory frequency..was auto, changed to 400

latency: bios says cas latency time ..says 3 with choices 2, 2.5,or 3 what to do here..your specs say 2-3-3-6???? other columns below cas latency with single numbers are:

active to precharge delay=8 choices 5,6,7,8

dram ras# to cas delay=3 choices 4,3,2

dram cas# precharge=3 choices 4,3,2

are these settings part of your latency of 2-3-3-6 shown on your site and should i set them to 2-6-3-3 as mine appear to be out of order??? no 3 is available for the 2nd number.:confused:


voltage: was 2.57 changed to 2.75 per your site

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