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Bad Stick?


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Corsair CMX1024-3200PT Platinum Series

XMS3200 1024MB 400MHz


I have had this stick for about 4 months working great untill yesterday! I have made no Hardware changes or any other Bios changes-nor have any OC attempts been made! Machine will not boot--it gets to the memory check screen then just keeps rebooting!

I have 2 sticks of memorey -ones the Corsair and the other is XXXXXXXXX KVR400X64C3A/512.

I switched out sticks to narrow down the bad stick and I'm sorry to say its the Corsair stick:[pouts: Here are my system specs:


MSI MS7025 Motherboard K8N Neo2 Platinum Series: onboard duel LAN/audio

AMD 64 3500

BFG 6800GT 256MB:laughing:

512 stick XXXXXXXXX KVR400X64C3A (still working)

1 Gig stick Corsair CMX1024-3200PT (not working):[pouts:

Hairong ATX 400W Power supply

Ultra Dragon Case

Windows XP Pro SP2


Any help with RMA returns will be greeted with open arms and free beer:eek:


Thank You



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I have already tried just installing the Corsair stick by itself and the system just keeps rebooting from the memory test screen.

I have tried the stick in all four slots and my machine will not boot with the Corsiar stick alone.

I can't run memtest.org if machine wont even boot!

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