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hi I got a problem


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well the problem is...that i just got my computer parts in from new egg i got it all together yesterday and i cannot get it to work i was told to look at the ram and change out the ram to one stick when i did that the mother board was beeping at me like there was no ram. so i took that stick of ram out (512) and put in the other stick of 512 in and it worked...but i still cannot get windows installed all the way it gets done reformatting and then restarts and keeps booting from disc even though the bios is set to boot disk drive first..... Im very confused and frusterated:confused: if anyone knows anything or could help i would appreciate if ya did. Thanks Ben....


I have a Lan party ut nf3 250gb motherboard and 2 sticks of 512 corsair platnum series ram and my video card is a geforce 6800.

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