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Bad Ram


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Ok i purchased a 1 gb dual channel kit back in the summer

i had my computer running for about a month when it just turned off on me in the middle of use on day. then when i went to turn it back on it went in to a continuous rebot cycle. it would not even get to the part of the boot cycle where it could load anything from any drive. i could tho enter the bios. i found out that when i removed one of the sticks of ram ( a perticular 1 i will call i stick B) it would then boot. if only stick B was in the board it would not boot, if B and A were in it it would not boot. it would boot if only a was in it. so i am under the assumption there is a problem with B. now running only on a i am experiencing a problem when the system will want to freeze soon after windows finished loading.


Lable from stick A

CMX512-3200C2PT XMS3202V1.5


XMS3200 512MB 400MHZ CL2


Lable from stick B


ok just realized the lable for both are the same


any help is great


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umm well i read that before the first post so i thought i should talk to you the ram guy for some tech support one the stick that seems to be freezing when you tell me to read it do you mean to go to the rma step or should i be posting else where to get some support. sorry i am just a little confused


thx for the help


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