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Timidge Needs Some Help


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For a over a year now I have been operating a ASUS P4P800SE, 256MB GEForce FX, with 1GB (2 x 512MB) of Corsiar Value Select 184-Pin DDR SdRam 400 (PC 3200) with no issues. Now that I've begun to experi


The other day I just received two more sticks (512MB)= 1 GB of memory (Same Brand) to add onto my motherboard from which I ordered.


My computer goes through the whole start up but seems to fall short of the desktop by only displaying a blank screen. Unit still works under safe mode and I'm too much of an amateur to really manuever around BIOS unless given strict instruction.


What could be the problem? The new Corsair's I bought are the exact same Memory Model and size I have been using in the past.



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Not sure what you mean by work by itself...I'm assuming you mean independently if left alone. Not sure exactly, have always had both the 512's installed, now I want to fill all four slots with 512's. Would rather do that actually. What do you think?
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Okay, I finally got it to work! I decided to head back into Bios and default everything, I readjusted the CPU performance to Turbo, overclocked it by 20% and enabled the memory acceleration mode. So far so good, I even booted up several times to make sure.


One last question, now that I have this sucker running with 2g memory; at what Bios setting may I be able to get the following;

Faster Gaming speed

Higher performance

Cooler temperature

Great stabilization



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