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RAM speed problems

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about 2 months ago i bought all new upgrades for my computer, including processor, mobo and ram. The mobo is MSI K8T NEO2 F When the computer starts up, the memory reading on the start up for the ram ( which is CORSAIR value select 3200 (400 mhz)... The ram is running at only 333 mhz speed..

I have tried to update the bios of the mobo, however i cant use the auto-updater for some reason. I am wondering if it is definately worth trying to do a manual update of the bios to get teh ram working at teh correct speed.


Another factor is that the ram is put into the mobo in slots 3 and 4 (2 green ones)... any other combination makes the computer appear to start up fine, but there is no visual output .


Basically, should i definately try and update teh bios, or is it the ram?. .. thx for help

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