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abit av8 3rd eye and 2 sets twinx512-3200xl


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here's my specs:

abit av8 3rd eye

amd 64 3500 plus

2 sets corsair twinx512 3200 xl

ati x800 pro

dynex 450 watt psu

western digital 120 gb sata


i have the latest bios revision, everything is up to date my bios reads memory timings as 2-2-2-5 automatically as it should. the problem is that i'll receive random crashes but fewer when i set timing to 2t instead of 1t or auto. i actually have to set 2t or my system will crash within 2 or so minutes afterloading the desktop. i;ll also have a bit more hiccups tou could say while running halflife 2 even with uguru {on the fly overclocking software that came with the board} on turbo.

my question is: what are the ideal settings, timings, volts for my system to get the most out of gaming? again 1t proves too unstable i have to leave it 2t. the memory passed 3 tests using memtest so its not bad memory.

thanks for your support! this is the reason i went with corsair

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