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CAS2 and CAS3 compatible?


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I recently bought a Corsair 1gig PC3200 chip (VS1GB400C3) with a CAS of 3.


I currently have two Corsair chips in my system, a 512mb PC3200 (VS512MB400) and a 256mb PC3200 (VS256MB400). Both are CAS 2.


I'd LIKE to have a CAS 2 1gig PC3200 from corsair, but they don't seem to have one. I've tried to get the old 512mb chip and the 1gig chip to work together. At first it wouldn't recongnize the 512mb chip with the 1gig in the machine (not at all). Then I noticed they sold me a CAS3 chip.... so I manually set the CAS in the BIOS to 2.5. Then it worked. But I'm not sure if it all that stable.... as the 1gig IS rated only for CAS3.


What do I do? The CAS2 won't work at CAS3 speeds for whatever reason. But the system did count it all when I set the CAS to 2.5. And it worked, but I thought at times maybe I might have had a little odd things happen... but it might be something completely unrelated with the memory. No major crashes though.


Iis it possible to get CAS2 chips to work with CAS3 without any problems? Is it worth it for me to keep the CAS3 1gig chip? Only other solution would be for me to get another 512mb chip thats CAS2 and replace the 256mb with that. It would only get me 1gig of ram though, instead of the 1.5gigs I'd have with the 1gig.

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