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TCCD or BH5?


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Hello again,


I am hopeing someone can help me decide on a good bios version for my LANPArty nF4 SLI-DR motherboard. There are many 3rd party bios's for this board, some optimized for TCCD mem chips and some optimized for BH5 mem chips.


I would like to flash the bios that corresponds to my memory chip type. My Corsair TwinX 1 Gig Kit Platinum Series says on the sticker.


CMX512-3200LLPT XMS3205v1.1

XMS 512MB 400MHz 2226-T1


I have had these two sticks for several years but just now trying them in my DFI board. Are they BH5 or TCCD based?


Thanks for any help you can provide...


Best Regards

Rod Gray

Editor - Site Admin


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Thank you very much for answering this question so quickly...


So I should be good to go for flashing a BH-5 optimized bios then. Will give it a try now...





EDIT: Just finished flashing to a BH-5 optimized bios. Runs much better... Thanks again....

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