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Problems when Cool&Quiet activated??


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Recently I have been having more and more blue screens and when debugging the core dumps it seems to highlight memory corruption. Now what was strange is that memtest did not seem to reveal anything. But I realized one thing: memtest does not run in Cool & Quiet mode (and even if it would it wouldn't trigger speed change as it would keep it to the max).


So I disabled the Cool & Quiet and for the moment it seems to work (but I probably need a further week of test to be absolutly sure, the problem only appears by period).


So now I am wondering if there still isn't a fault with the memory but that it would be triggered only when the voltage change.


Now that I remembered it seem to blue-screen a lot during virus-scan. Because of that I initially suspected it could be the hard-drive so I changed it but the problem was still there. But the thing is that the anti-virus scan creates a lot of variation in CPU usage and consequently Cool & Quiet is triggered a lot hence probably triggering the fault...


Now I don't thing the problem is the AMD Cool & Quiet driver as the crash dumps pointed nowhere near it. But I will still try with a different version (I am using 1.1).


I would be interested by your opinion on this and if someone has encountered a similar problem.


Thanks for your help!


Also for info here is the machine spec:

- CPU Athlon 64 3.4 Ghz Newcastle

- Memory Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT

- Motherboard MSI K8T Neo FIS2R

- Video NVidia 6800 GT

- HD Samsung SpinPoint 200 Gb

- Power supply Antec True Power 550

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If this problem only occurs when Cool and Quiet mode is enabled then it would be best to keep this option shut off. I would try to update your system BIOS to the latest version and also make sure you have the latest chipset drivers installed on the system to see if that helps.
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