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Need replacement memory


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I have been having some problems lately with crashing and installing some software as well. Getting checksum error message and such even when installed from the HDD. I ran the memtest86 program and saw lots of errors. I had purchased VS1GBKIT400 which is 2 512MB sticks so I removed one of them and still was getting errors so I switched that stick with the other and am not getting any errors. I also put 2 other 256MB non-Corsair memory in the other 2 slots and still no errors. So I think 1 of my 512MB sticks is bad. What do I have to do for a replacement?


Soyo SY-P4S Dragon Ultra

Pentium4 1.7GHZ

1GB VS1GBKIT400 Corsair memory

Seagate 120GB HDD

Maxtor 20GB HDD

Windows XP Pro SP2

Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB

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If I need to send the memory back do I have to send both sticks back or just the bad one since they were purchased as a set? I don't have enough RAM I can use in the meantime with both sticks gone but I can limp along with only one fine.
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