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Choosing the right MB and Processor


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I have a setup like this


Athlon 64fx 51 940socket

asus sk8n socked for the 940

corsair cmx512re-3200llpt twinx 1gig

gf fx 5950 ultra 256mb

sb audigy



My processor went out on me and I have been without this rig for a while now. I am lookin for a good bang for the buck. The athlon 64fx 51 is out of date and are not being produced anymore as with the sk8n940 socket motherboard, so I cannot just buy a replacement part. I need a motherboard and a processor that will be compatible with my corsair 3200llpt twinx.

I know this is registered ram for the athlon 64FX model, but will it be compatable with just any athlon 64? I am looking to spend around $500.00 on the MB and processor. Maybe more if it is necessary. If you could give me a list of a few setups that are compatable with my ram that would be great!


Thank you

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Alright then.


my Sk8n motherboard is a 940 socket. Would you recommend Opteron processors? That is the only amd 940 socked i seem to find. I notice alot of Opteron are used with 2 of them in a motherboard. My motherboard can only support one processor. I mainly use this cpu for gaming and I multitask alot with it. If you recommend Opteron which would you advise choosing?

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