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My memory and MOBO problems


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I have this posted in several forums so.. here we go


my memory problems (PLS HELP)




ok.. in the last 24 hours i have had a post on hte OS board, the memory board and i believe the AMD board and i have narrowed the problem down to.... RAM


I was getting errors, memory errors, and missing file errors with a clean install of winxp aftter upgrading to a x2 4400+


the temp solution to my problem was to throw in some old 333 RAM and everything was solid, got a good install, got updates and NO reboots like it was doing with my otehr memory


I also took all memory out and put in my primary memory (corsair XMS twinx1024-3200xl)

that i was having problems with, 1 stick at a time and everything seemed fine after 10 minutes of running windows. I repeated this with both sticks and was fine.


I then combined them and BOOM same problem about a minute after boot it would just reboot(random reboots) so.. i had a memtes run and the memory checked out.. so I bough (I had credit) two new sticks of memory and have just installed them and the new memory is rock solid


i have no idea what would cause this.. I have looked at all my bios settings and see nothing out of hte ordinary and everything seems right. I am about to install my corsair with the new memory to see what happens with a bootup


Here is the system in question and i would really like to get this resolved


gigabyte ga-k8u-939 bios revision f3 the most current that i seen

amd x2 4400+

corsair twinx1024-3200xl dual channel DDR400 2-2-2-5


and the new memory i just got is 3-3-3-8 @201 mhz


it HAS to be somehting in the bios or setings that i am missing but i have went over it for like 15 hours now.. can't wait to hear from you guys on this one!

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Unfortunately, you cannot mix different brands or different speeds of memory or memory with different timings in the same system, especially with current production systems. (Doing so will cause serious instability and/or memory failure and/or system failure.) If you want multiple modules of memory for your system, every single one of your modules MUST exactly match in every single minute detail - CAS and RAS timings (#-#-#-#), nominal clockspeed, IC chips, PCB revision number, brand and model.
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I read you could but would have to set the ras timings.. but thats neither here nor there as that is not my real problem.. i need to figure out why my corsair is NOT working with this motherboard


The voltages and timings will almost certainly get messed up if you mix memory. Chances are, the Corsair 3200XL requires a minimum of 2.75V just to even operate at all with any kind of stability, while the other memory would almost certainly get fried at 2.75V.

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First thing you should not mix memory with this platform, chances are it will not even post. And with just our XMS3200XL modules installed I would set the Dim Over Voltage Control to +.2 Volts and you should be set.
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just to try it(and a chance to fry everything) i put it all in


it posted, started windows, and i even played a game for about a half hour and it was fine.. I did look at CPU-Z and it said it was at 2.5-2-2-5 and at 100 mhz.. anyone care to explain how it was stable? like the MOBO set some setting appropriately and made it stable?



about to try the +.2




the +.2 setting works fine.. so what should i do about this other gig now? is it POSSIBLE to put it in with the +.2 setting? will it just fry?

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