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Dell SC420 ram Upgrade


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I have a Dell PowerEdge SC420 with 2x256mb DDR2 400Mhz ECC

and wish to add 1Gb of memory. The Corsair Configurator suggests:


Part #: CMSS512MB-533

Size : 512MB

SKU # : CMSS512MB-533


Part #: CMSS1GB-533

Size : 1GB

SKU # : CMSS1GB-533


but these seem to be non ECC parts and I have ECC. Searching also turned up





which looks to be what I am after. Does any one know whether this part is compatible? Can I use it with the ram that shiped with the system?


Also do systems from companies such as Dell, IBM, HP etc generally use specific ram or will any good ram of the right specifications generally work? - I thought the days of manufacturers using no standard parts was long gone.



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Dell seem to be charging an exorbitant price for their official ram upgrade. I would prefer to use ECC – so what modules would you recommend if I remove the ram supplied with the system and use only Corsair ram.


What ECC modules are known to be compatible?



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