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One stick of Value Select VS512MB533D2 twin pack not working

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Motherboard: Asus P5AD2 Premium

Memory: 1Gb (2x512) Value Select VS512MB533D2

Processor: 650 IntelPentium4 LGA775 3.4Ghz 800FSB HT

Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 6600

Power Supply: 420W Tagan I-XEYE

Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2


First it started with games freezing about a month ago, then it progressed to Blue Screens of death in the last week. I read websites to trouble shoot the blue screens error messages, installed updated / recommended drivers for all things from chipset to graphics card to sound card. I also updated the Motherboard BIOS to the latest and changed any overclocking settings to disabled / standard. Things seemed to be more stable with the Processor HT turned off, but still got blue screens.


I then ran memtest and got errors.

Changed memory slot positions over and ran memtest, still got errors.

Ran memtest with just one 512Mb memory module in, no errors.

Ran memtest with other 512Mb memory module replacing first, got errors.


Started the system up using just the 512Mb without errors and it hasn't frozen / crashed once.


I have also scanned through these boards and found similar posts with regards to the Asus P2AD5 Prem Motherboard and tested it with some of these settings and still had problems with the system staying stable with the errored memory module in.


Does this prove that the 512Mb memory module that gives the errors to be faulty?

Is there any further testing that needs to be carried out to prove otherwise?

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