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problem: RAM or MB?


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Hi there,


over the last 2 weeks, i've been getting sporadic problems with the pc freezing or restarting, but it's gotten to the point where 4 hours of uptime is a lucky break and I'm super frustrated.


First my setup:

p4 3.2c

Asus P4C800-E Deluxe

2x Corsair CMX3200512-3200C2

PSU is a BeQuiet 450W


I am running at relatively stock settings...FSB is 200, timings are 2-3-3-7 and ddr voltage bumped up to 2.75. Heat is no problem, as i'm watercooled and lucky for the CPU to get above 56° (water temp relatively constant at 37°).


So last evening i went ahead with memtest86 and had some strange results.

(All test with only 1 stick on the board.)

First, with the RAM in the A1 slot, 1 pass, no trouble.

2nd, other stick in B1 slot, test 6 blew up with 10's of thousands of errors.

3rd, original stick from A1 in B1, same result as 2nd test.

4th, original stick from B1 in A1, no errors after 2 passes.


So i booted up with only 1 stick in the A1 slot, and it froze again after 4 hours.


I would like to think that the RAM is ok and that the board is somehow defect. Is this possible?

Is it possible that I have a power problem, even though this PSU is a relatively good one (considering it's over a year old)?

Could anything else be the culprit?


I'm prone to replace whatever is hurting me, but i don't like giving out 100€ for a new P4P800 (new P4C's can't be found anymore here in DE it seems), when i could jump up to a new AMD64 system or so for about 500€.


Any suggestions would be a great help?

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Welcome to the forums, eroth!


Looks to me like the chipset is failing on your system. If possible, test the memory with Memtest86+ in a friend's computer just to be sure, but since the modules seemed to pass on the A channel, but immediately fail on the B channel, it would suggest your mainboard.




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thanks for the reply, i was suspecting something along those lines.


unfortunately, i don't know anyone else with DDR slots for me to test on.


my current thinking is to spring for an amd 64 and new board, since that memory is still pretty decent. when i get that stuff delivered, i can test the memory again, and if it's ok, then send the board back for repairs.


funny how this stuff happens right when the xmas bonuses start getting paid out. at least i can stop wondering where that money was going to go...

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