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failing mem test


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cmx512- 3200c2pro xms3202v4.1 1gb kit


today i ran memtest on each individualy and it got a couple runs into it and gave a FAILED and then crashed memtest, tried a second time and it just crashed memtest a few seconds into it. changed slots and voltages, all with the same result ON BOTH STICKS ! i am having all kinds of bsod err's at very random times. no one trigger, sometimes its just sitting idle. no heat issues, no psu issues. i just built this rig less than a month ago but i bought the ram in june and was using it in my old rig.

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i had theese dimm's in my old system and was getting the same random bsod's, with a different err message almost every time. and i did try them at +2v


amd 3200 venice

gigabyty k8nxp-sli rev2


fsb @ 200


and when memtest crashes the led's on the dimm's halt as well

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