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Bios Settings VS512MB400C3


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Been looking around but havent yet found anyone using the Shuttle AV49 motherboard with the VS512MB400C3 memory. What bios settings should i have for it?


Graphics: Radeon 9800pro 128mb

Processor: Intel Celeron 2.2ghz

Motherboard: Shuttle AV49



Thanks in advance! :)

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Unfortunately, your 2.2GHz Celeron has only a 100MHz (QDR400) FSB. This means that you can use only PC2100 (DDR266) memory with that CPU (according to Intel's official specs).


However, your AV49 motherboard is based on a VIA chipset. In this case, then it supports asynchronous memory operation beyond HCLK + PCI (although stetching asynchronous memory operation too far can cause stability problems and reduced performance).


I'd recommend running memory at DDR266 (or use PC2100 DDR memory) for that system. You will have to manually override the automatic memory clock setting (if enabled by default), and set the memory clockspeed to 133MHz or DDR266 (whichever the setting is marked). Leave the other settings as SPD-detected with Value Select memory.

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ok thanks i'll try that out cause ever since i changed memory ive been having weird crashes and memory errors with almost every game ive had since then so that might be the cause then?


Very likely. Undervoltage of the memory may also contribute to your problems.


If your motherboard's BIOS allows the manual adjustment of the DDR voltage or the memory voltage, manually override the automatic setting and set it manually to 2.7V.

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