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CMX512-2700C2 XMS2702 V1.2 POST: Main memory read / write test error


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Current System specs:

ASRock 939Dual-SATA2

AMD X2 3800+

Seagate 400 GB 7200 ATA100

Antec TruePower 2.0 430W

eVGA 6800 GT



The module that's working:

CMX512-2700C2 XMS2700 V1.3

Purchased approximately 3 years ago


The module that's not working:

CMX512-2700C2 XMS2702 V1.2

Purchased approximately a year ago


Last night I upgraded from Asus A7V333 with 2200+ Athlon XP to the system listed above. Initially I plugged in only one stick of memory, the stick that is labeled as not working. When the system powered on it emitted three short beeps and continued cycling. I looked up this beep code from the ASRock webpage:


EDIT: http://www.asrock.com.tw/support/index_QA.htm

Searched for: beep

Question:What's the meaning of AMI BIOS Beep Codes?(2002/10/29)

3 short Main memory read / write test error.


Since this board had some weirdness mentioned about dual channel mode on forums I went ahead and stuck in the working module into slot 1, and left the non-functioning module in slot 0. The system booted fine, but only recognized the module in slot 1. In the BIOS I enabled the flexibility option, still no dice.


I tried moving the RAM around within the 4 slots, configuration with the working module in slot 0, the non-working module in slot 2, and still not recognized.


Unfortunately the old system is not available to test the not functioning module in it.


When I purchased the second module 2 years after the first I did as best I could to match the two for dual channel operation but I guess it defeats the purpose at this point if one stick fails to be recognized.


Any help would be appreciated.

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