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Adding new memory- doesnt work, but ram is good...?


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Hi! I'd appreciate any help on this, it's been awhile since I've dealt with comp issues. Okay here it is: I needed to upgrade my memory so I bought another like the one I already have, which is a Corsair XMS PC3200 512MB (the new one is Pro). I plugged it into my 2nd slot and my computer wouldn't boot to Windows. I tried all the other slot combinations (1/3 produced a warning tone). I could only get back into Windows after I took out the memory. I then tested the new memory by itself and everything worked fine. Both modules will not work together, however!! I have an MSI PT880 Neo-LSR (7800) motherboard, am running WinXp and Pentium 4. I've looked at several things so far that suggest I may have to change my motherboard bios settings to allot for the new memory, but not only is it all greek to me, but nothing seemed specific to my memory and motherboard. Currently everything is running on defaults. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate the help as I would really hate to return the memory seeing as how I desperately need it if I am going to continue goofing off with games into the wee hours after work! heheh. :D: Thanks!
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