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I installed a new memory module to updgrade my laptop. There were two old modules in the MB and I wanted to keep at least one. Both were Samsung 256MB DDR PC21000 modules.


I checked the Dell (my laptop) website and it said I could use 333 or 266 with a max of 2GB. It was easier to find a 1GB module in the 2700 so I didn't mind the higher price (work computer) even if it ran at a slower speed. I purchased the Corsair VS1GSDS333 SODIMM 1GB DDR333 PC2700.


It was working fine with one old and one new module the first day. The second day the system was having all types of failures. It didn't recognize the memory at first. I took the old memory out and it booted. Then it froze 3-4 times. Then I tried the memory together again and it froze. Then it worked pretty steadily with both. ?!?! :eek:


1) I want to know if I made a mistake and should return the module for another version. I figured it is a VS vs CMS issue based on the configurator results below... please help!

2) The speed difference shouldn't be causing the errors. Although I was curious when the 1GB 2700 alone was also running at 266. Shouldn't it have bumped up to 333?


The configurator suggested this, but I didn't check this until after my purchase:

CMSS512MB-266SOD 512MB

CMSS256MB-266SOD 256MB




OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional

System Manufacturer Dell Computer Corporation

System Model Latitude D600

Processor x86 Family 6 Model 9 Stepping 5 GenuineIntel ~1398 Mhz

BIOS Version/Date Dell Computer Corporation A13, 7/9/2004

Total Physical Memory 1,280.00 MB (with old and new)

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Please test the system with just our module using http://www.memtest.org and lets make sure you don’t have a failing module. In addition, I would not suggest mixing our Value Select with the module that came with your system. If you want to add to what you then yes you may want to see if the reseller will let you exchange to our System Select part.
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