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I'm hoping you can check the status of my RMA number R94327. The defective part was sent in earlier this month (delivered on the 7th) and I waited about ten days before calling Corsair customer support, wondering where it was. The lady told me that I'd only returned one of the memory modules from what I bought as a dual pack, and practice was (as makes sense) to return both and get a new matched pair.


However, that would put me out of a computer for a length of time, and I decided against it, and specified in my RMA that I'd only be sending one module. I'm not too concerned about dual channel. She said she'd ship the new part out the next day. It's been a week, however, and no module. No emails regarding shipping a new module, nor any emails letting me know what the original holdup was.


Please let me know what's going on.




Edit - Also tried calling customer service today, only got voicemail both times.

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