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2GB XMS 3500LL Pro timings


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Would this ram run on a nforce3 motherboard :GA-K8NSNXP-939 at those latencies with 1t enable.

I would also be running them at DDR 400 if that is possible?I do not want to overclock my system,at the moment i am running 2gb 4x512 sticks of XMS3200pro xl at with 2t enabled which is rock solid and stable with memtest running for 5 hours.



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Hello,RamGuy i have theses sticks now,what voltage should i run them at.

I was running my previous memory at the +2 setting in the BIOS and they used to show up as 2.82v-2.85v in everest home edition.

The new stick are the 2x1GB 3500LL pro's.

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