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Asus K8V-SE Deluxe compatibility


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I have just installed a new PC. My spec is as follows:



Asus K8V-SE Deluxe AMD Skt754 VIA K8T800



Corsair® Value Select 512Mb DDR PC3200 (VS512MB400)



AMD Sempron 2600+ 64 Bit Edition Retail Boxed inc Fan, skt 754


Windows XP Pro installs fine. I have SP2 installed okay. I have also installed Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) hotfix. After all these there are 30 something more updates. After installing all these updates, restart, I see the windows logo and then my Windows hits the blue screen of death. After this point Windows restarts. It happens continiously. It works with no problems when these 30 something updates are not installed.


I have also updated BIOS to the latest version (1009) and installed again. Same thing happens. I haven't tested memory with memtest yet. Also I realised that there is a recent BIOS update in ASUS web site.


Possible problems would be RAM voltage and latency settings are not properly set (default at the moment). PSU (400W) is not supplying at the required level or it is failing. Or RAM and motherboard are not compatible.


Can anybody help? Thanks.

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Well I rather think it's a WinxP bug. For the ram test them with memtest mate see if it passes several tests without any errors. If the ram passes it certainly isn't the ram. Yousaid yourself that WinXP runs fine without those extra patches so it might well be one isn't properly coded ( and there are patches that give me ***** too ) or not supprted by your current drivers.


What drivers are you using for the VIA chipset ? How is the ram setup ?

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I used the original drivers that come with the motherboard. But Win XP complained during install of these drivers that these drivers are not digitally signed by Microsoft and might effect functioning of the PC later on. So I got the latest from the ASUS web site and still complained. And still have the same problem.


I tried to avoid any driver updates from Microsoft. All remaining updates are critical updates. I will try the memtest. I tried to find memory settings from corsair web site. But their web site is not functioning properly. I have the default setup. BIOS is up to date and recognises all the machine specifications. SATA drivers might be causing the problem as well. I think I need to try updates one by one to see at which update it falls over.


Thanks for your help.

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well regading those warnings from WinXP you need to install them anyway, the test center at Microsoft cannot test all new drivers or even older drivers to be WHQL, only vidcard drivers get a WHQL certificate fast. So just install them and when it prompts that they are not certified choose install anyway !!
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