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AN8 Fata. and spontaneous shutdowns..

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Hey everyone,


I've decided to come back to abit and try out the fatal1ty board.. so I took back my asus a8n dlx and picked up this. Now here is where my problem comes into play..


When I was running the asus I never had any strange power down problems I'm running 2 gigs of Corsair 3200XL Pro..I had them set at 2.80v on the asus board. And no issues. Now on this board when I set them to 2.8 I get that shutdown problem.. funny thing is I've had them set to default voltage which is like 2.61 or so and the problem has gone away?!? Make any sense?


I really dont know what to do anymore, I have the ram set to SPD and volt now set to default. I ran memtest at 2.80 and it makes the machine shutdown, I did the same thing at 2.60 and it runs clean in memtest. Thanks for any advice..

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