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5 Memory Pins burned out

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Hi i got some problem with one of my corsairs Memorys. I got 3 Corsair Mems 2x256MBCL2 400MHz Twins and one CMX512-3200C2 XMS3202v1.1 (0251045) 512MB 400Mhz. The 512 MB Memory is about a year old.

3 weeks ago i turned on my computer and suddenly i begins to smell worse... i tuned it imediatly off and take a look..

The twis are ok but the 512 MB memory was broken. 5 Pins burned out. On the backside of the ram (label is front) the first 9 pins are broken and 5 of them burned out.

So i want to ask what i can do send the mem to warranty?


thx a lot and sorry about my worse English

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