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TwinX1024-8000UL Problem?

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Running 2 pair (2GB) on asus P5wd2 premium.

Intel 840 EE at 3.7GHz



FSB 250

DDR2 1000

Peformance Standard

video 33.3


Memory voltage 2.15


cpu multiplier 15.


memory 5-4-4-11-5


everything else is Auto (including cpu voltage)




I fail memtest, but not microsoft's memory tester.

I run 4 itertions of GO-Sp2004 (prime95) and system fails after maybe 10 minutes. on reboot, error reporter to Microsoft says its a RAM problem.


from the asus link, i see they have voltages on other parts of the motherboard cranked up to full (like termination, fsb, etc).

im reluctant to do that, as this is my second board. the first board was failing also, and then started randomly loosing the ITE harddrive controller (so, was i frying motherboard modules cranking up those other voltages to corsair's testing parameters?)


i just inched the memory voltage to 2.2, leaving evrything else the same.

but, to get these speeds- is upping the other motherboard voltages as Corsair does with testing these DDR2 sticks required to get the 5-4-4 at ddr2-1000?


or, do i have underspec ram?

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I got that because my original question asked if it was necessary to crank up those voltages to maximum (which I left at "Auto") and you replied only to lower the multiplier . Raising the terminator, FSB voltages to maximum causes the Bios to show those values in red, and I strangely had the hard drive and floppy drive controller on the board fail.
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