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Bad Module in Twin Matched Pair CMX1024-3200C2PT CL2


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After much scrambling around and bios flashing I have narrowed down my problems to one stick of ram in this matched pair.

The system did work for awhile with both sticks of RAM. I started to recieve system hangs, then strange device I/O errors and then blue screens. Finally, no posts.

When both sticks are added (all slots tried) I get a 'Failed Memory Self Test' message from the motherboard (voice) and there is no video post. On occassion the computer may post but hang during power up test or device listing phase of boot. Once or twice it has made it to initial XP Pro boot screen. Here are the things I have tried:

Moving both sticks of RAM into ALL possible slot locations (black or blue)and ALL possible combinations as individual sticks or combinations.

I have disconnected all devices (save for boot drive and video card) and same results.

Tried with BIOS versions 1008, 1011, 1012, 1013 and now at 1014.

If the one "faulty" stick is removed the system will boot fine. The system will not boot with the "faulty" stick by itself.

I have also attempted to adjust ram speed settings in bios, save settings, turn off power, install ram and turn on. But it has same results. Currently the bios is set to allow for automatic configuration of the ram.

The system works fine now under load (After Effects, 3d Studio Max, Permier Pro, Photoshop etc.) but it's still only 1gb and I need the other gb...Thanks!

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