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Have two sticks. One stopped working


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I have two sticks of Corsair XMS3200 (3202v1.2) memory and have been using them in my computer for 2-3 months. Suddenly, when I tried to start my computer nothing happened except it beeped every couple of seconds. My brother looked at it and said it was one of the memory sticks. The only way my computer boots up now is if I only put the stick I think is still good in memory slot 1 and leave the bad one out. No other setup of my memory works.

I don't know much about computers but what I do know leads me to believe that you'll ask me to first flash my bios. I don't know how to do this and I'm also worried that my computer might stop recognizing my SATA 74Gb Raptor. It took my brother a lot of work to have the computer recognize it when I first built the comp. So if thats what you want me to do, please reassure me that if it gets screwed up you can help me fix it and then give me instructions on how to flash my bios.

Thanks in advance

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