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Memory question!


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I currently have "1Gb (2 x 512 Mb) Corsair TwinX, DDR, PC3200C2PT, Cas 2, Lifetime Warranty" memory and would like to upgrade to 2gb do i have to by another set of 1gb 2x512 mb or can i add a 1gb and leave a slot free for future upgrades. Also would there be any lose in preformance and any other factors that might contribute. My PC specs are listed below: -


- 1Gb (2 x 512 Mb) Corsair TwinX, DDR, PC3200C2PT, Cas 2

- Gigabyte K8N SLI 2000MHz

- AMD Athlon 64 3200 32/64Bit CPU S939 "Venice"

- 256MB Gigabyte PCI-E Geforce 6600 500MHz 8xPipeline, DirectX9.0c, DVI, SilentPipe

- 120Gb Maxtor Plus 9 (7200rpm,8MB) - SATA

- 480W XClio-SCF aPFC Super Silent (21Db) 12cm Fan 8/20/24 +SATA+PCI-E+ECASO

- Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live 7.1 24Bit

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With this platform I would not suggest it, you would get best performance by replacing what you have now with 2 1.0 Gig modules. If you install 4 modules in this MB the memory frequency may need to run at DDR333 at 2T Command Rate and you may have to relax the settings as well because of loading on the memory controller. In addition, all four modules would need to be the exact same part# and revision as well.
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