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Mix and match Memory


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I have an Asus 7N8X (I think that's right)

with a stick of 512 PC3200 made by a diff manufaturer (starts with G)

I recently bought a stick of Corsair 1GB value select.


Both sticks work independently, obviously, the 1Gb is better,

but is there a way to get them to work together? The computer

resets somewhere during windows load, the bios check seems to be fine.


I guess in the general sense, is this a case of don't mix memory sizes (512 and 1024)

or is this more along the lines of different mandufacturers, probably different timings, etc?


What's my options?

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Fixed it.

the MOBO has two memory slots physically close to each other and another slot for any red-headed step children. I put the diff brand 512 off to the side.


Not 100% sure if I'm actually utilizing the 512 stick, but I get 1.5 on the bios mem check.


In any case, performace enhancement is noticable.

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