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Why use plastic pipe??


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About to install a Corsair Cool set, and was wondering about why everyone uses plastic tubing


My idea was to use Copper tubing (joined by short pieces of plastic to all the parts to allow for vibration


Also, as I have a allu case, would it help if I ran a few coild of the copper tubing on the outside of the case so that its surface area helped to cool the water down even more (hopefully preventing the use of the fan).


I thought I would add this coil to the outlet of the Rad, and then from there back into the tank .. alterantive, If I get a chipset cooler, I would connect that to the rad, and this coil would then cool off the water coming out of the chipset cooler (ie tank--> pump--> CPU cooler --> Rad --> Chipset cooler --> copper coil --> tank)


Am I mad? Should I just buy a second Rad?


Thanks in advance


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