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Ic7-g + Xms3700


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Dear Corsair team,

I want to over clock my CPU and FSB, which are the setting allready tested on the Abit IC7-G with XMS PC3700 and P4 3.2Ghz 800FSB that will work, because everytime that I try to do any changes to the BIOS wont boot and then I have to change the memory again to get back in the BIOS and put it back like it was.

thank you

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I really doubt the a 3200C will over clock that much. But you might try and set the CPU Freq up a few MHz at a time and test with http://www.memtest.org to see where it tops out.


Ram Guy,

Do you mean my procesor?

Wich procesor do you recomend me?

I notice that after oc 3.5Ghz I had to raise the votltage on the CPU to get the Pc to boot. it was unstable so I brought back down to CPU default voltage and so far I had to go down to 3414Mhz and my memory 217Mhz FSB DRAM 1:1 3448 GAT A-A-A-D-D.


Thank you

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