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DFI Lan Party NF2 Ultra (Rev. A+) w/ 2 Corsair 512mb XMS PC3200 DDR400....


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Hey, I have a DFI Lan Party NF2 Ultra (Rev. A+) motherboard and 2 Corsair 512mb XMS PC3200 DDR400 sticks of ram and for whatever reason I get a lot of errors and crashing of games on my computer. Here are a few screenshots of what the errors I get.








I get errors like that not only in steam but other games as well. The 2 sticks passed a 24+hour test in Memtest and I believe I did a prime95 a little while back on them and they passed as well without a crash or problem. So I took out the sticks and tried them one by one and still no luck. So then I tried different slots on my motherboard and still no luck. So then I took out the sticks completely and put in an old stick of Corsair 512mb XMS PC2700 DDR333 I had laying around and everything worked fine on the computer without any crashing... I played games for hours and no problems at all when I would crash in the first 10 minutes of playing on the 2 512 sticks. What does this mean? My motherboard manual says it is compatible up to PC3200 yet both sticks of ram cause problems..

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part # 0513011-1


here is all my computers information:


monitor: Sony 19" SDM-HS95P LCD w/ Ultra-Brite

cpu: AMD XP 2100+ 1.73ghz (AIUHB:0302 @ 200 x 11.5 1.7Vcore = 2300mhz)

mb: DFI Lan Party NFII Ultra Rev. A+

ram: 2 Corsair 512mb XMS Series PC3200 DDR400

gfx: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128mb

hd¹: Maxtor 200gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache

hd²: Maxtor 80gb 7200rpm 8mb Cache

cd¹ : Sony 52x/24x/52x CD-RW

cd² : Memorex 48x/24x/48x/16x DVD/CD-RW

os: WinXP Pro

psu: Antec TruePower 430w

sound: Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2

hs: Thermalright SLK-800

hsf: Thermaltake Smart Fan II


I have my AMD XP 2100+ with stock 1.73ghz overclocked to 2.3ghz [266MHz (133MHz double-pumped)] but I have set all my settings to stock and still had problems. My memory timings are set to 6-2-2-2.

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The tested settings for these modules with this platform would be Cas 2.5-3-3-6 and I would set the memory voltage to 2.8 Volts and see if that will sove the problem, if not I would try lowering your CPU multiplier and Frequency.
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