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XP Setup Issue with Value Select

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There isn't anywhere in the forum to put "general issues for RMA returns," or anything along those lines, so here goes:


This 512MB stick of DDR400 will not allow XP setup to complete. During the "Windows is copying files" period in setup, it will error out at a few different files (a different file for each time it errors). Upon replacement of the stick with the same type (brand, speed, size) but--obviously--a different stick, XP setup completes without a hitch.


Any ideas? The stick does work in Windows after the setup, but the issue holding it back in setup isn't acceptable to have.


I am a computer tech, so I have gone through the normal diag. steps. Removal of all eccess devices (modem, etc.) along with checking all BIOS settings and motherboards (it does the same thing on different motherboards as well).

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