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Which memory will work?


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Actually I have 2 questions.


1. I have the ABIT KV8 Pro motherboard, AMD Athlon 64 3700 Clawhammer (754) and currently the Corsair XMS PRO PC3200C2Pro 2X512. I want to upgrade my memory with faster memory to match the CPU. According to ABIT, Corsair my MOBO will support up to PC4400(550). The specs for the CPU say a FSB of 800 but according to my bios it says 200. Will adding the PC4400 help in increasing the overall speed or not help or should I just upgrade to 2GB of the PC3200?


2. I also purchased the Zalman LED CNPS7000B-CU. Zalman says it is compatible with the MOBO being as huge as it is. I have it in but the fins are slightly pushing against the inside memory slot tilting it just a slight bit. I am not having any problems and it's working fine but will it cause any problems in the future by exerting force on that slot or should I try different sticks that are not as thick as the xms pro with the LEDs.




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PC4400 runs at 275MHz, so unless you could overclock your 200MHz (PC3200) memory bus up to 275MHz, then the PC4400 modules would simply run in an underclocked speed of PC3200.


Basically, unless you plan on overclocking... a lot... they won't help. Also, the 754's weren't known for great overclocking in the first place.


When you plan to 'upgrade' I'd highly reccommend selling the 2 x 512 and going with a 2 x 1GB such as TwinX2048-3200C2 instead of trying for four modules as the early Athlon 64 CPU's and memory controllers were VERY picky about memory.


As for the Zalman, personally, I'd just take a Dremmel to it and grind down a notch in the bottom of those few fins so that they DID NOT touch the memory modules. Even a small angle can lose you performance and if the thermal compound isn't set, air might manage to creep into the space between the core and the heatsink, killing your cooling effectivness.


If you don't have a Dremmel, then the fins are actually thin enough to easily cut with a pair of wire snips. Just cut horizontally, then vertically to take a triangular piece out of the metal.




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