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New PC, Crashing, Memory not showing correctly


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hi there,

Last week i built a brand new PC for myself, I can more or less build them ok and have basic knowledge, but struggle with bios and technical bits.

However, i'm experiencing some weird crashing, mostly only with one game (Eve Online), but very occasionally with others too. What happens when i'm in eve sometimes is the PC freezes, and I get a weird high pitched squeek in my headphones, this noise is often on repeat (I use Teamspeak always, and sometimes if I crash whilst someone is speaking their voice is repeated along with the high pitched squeak).

Also, the bios is detecting my ram as 333 ram, not 400. If I change the memory from auto to manual and select 400 instead of 333 the system becomes unstable.

I ran memtest overnight, no errors at all.




AMD X2 4400

ASUS A8n-SLI Premium bios 1006

4gb Corsair value select PC3200 (2x(2x1gb))

2x XFX 256mb GF7800GTX Gamers Edition

2x 74gb Western Digital Raptor 10krpm Sata

Creative Audigy 2 ZS

600w Seasonic S12 powersupply

Coolermaster Cavalier 3 case

NEC ND4550 x16 DVDRW

Sony x16 DVD Rom


All ideas/suggestions appreciated.

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With more than 2 double sided modules installed DDR333 at 2t Command Rate is suggested, sorry but this is a limitation of the memory controller in the CPU. In addition, I would set the memory Voltage to 2.7 Volts and if you still have problem try 2.8 Volts and then test the modules one or one set at a time to be sure you don’t have a failing module. In addition, with 4 modules you may need to get a bigger PSU as well as 4 modules would need about 48 Watts just for memory.
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600w isn't big enough? I was hoping that i'd bought a supply big enough and to still have some in reserve :(



also, when you say to set the memory voltage to 2.7v, where in the BIOS do I do that, i cant see anything obvious there.

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ok, removed 2gigs of ram, and it appears to be ok so far. So whats the problem here? can my board not run 4gigs as its supposed to do, or is it a question of my 600w PSU being to small?


I would prefer to use all 4gigs if possible, cost me a lot of cash :(

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no not really, although i do plan on some video editing, but not a lot. However, I bought this PC wanting it to last me for several years without me having to upgrade it. New stuff will come on the market sure, but this spec PC should be just fine for a few years. And I can see Ram being one of the main things that will keep it 'modern' enough.

But I guess the main point is, the PC is supposed to be fine with 4gb, and as I have it I feel kind of let down that it doesnt like it.

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