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C4 or UL ??


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Hello again Ram guy your very helpful indeed. So lets test your infinte know-how of memory one more time.


I've got a Asus P5AD2-E Prem. I've been planning on getting

TWIN2X1024A-5400UL. Then i started looking around for prices found its very expensive. I came back to the corsair site and found TWIN2X1024-5400C4.


I've been looking at the two in windows side by side. The differerences i see are in Latency (4-4-4-12 vs 3-3-2-8) and in voltage (1.9 vs 2.1). In a system that will be using a 3.4 or 3.6 CPU i want to know what memory would be better. The UL is faster obviously, but by how much? I haven't been able to play any of the big titles like HL2 or Doom3 cause this trash can can't handle it. So i'll be playing very often. Which leads me to think the UL is better for this. Professional input needed !


Thanks Ram Guy:biggrin: :biggrin:

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I would suggest Twin2x1024-5400UL hands down! As far as how much faster its hard to answer because the system and CPU you use will all have an effect. I would maybe look at some of the reviews for both modules and see what reviewers had to say.
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Well Ram guy this is my set up:


Asus P5AD2-E Prem

Enermax 600W

Western Digital 250 (SATA)

DVD drive (IDE)

CD drive (IDE)

Intel 3.6 (64 bit)

the UL or C4


I've been looking at the performance of a friend's computer which has a similar setup and i don't think i'll need to over clock. I think i'm going to run everything at defaults. So now i'm wondering if the UL or C4 would be better at default speeds. I know the UL is made for over clocking thats why i'm asking.

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As a general rule lower latency RAM is better for gaming and the UL will run much lower latencies than the C4. I have run both in my P5AD2E-Premium and I like the UL better. Game play is a bit smoother, probably due to the better latencies. And, either the C4 or the UL will OC VERY well if you ever decide to try. I have run both in excess of DDR750.


However, if it comes down to cost, you will not be disappointed with the C4.


Good luck, Mike.

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