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Memory went bad


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im writing to explain a problem im having recently.

My system is:


Ram: 2 X 512 PC3200 Corsair CMX512-3200LL (kit of two)

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 EE 3.2GHz Gallatin mPGA-478

Mobo: Gigabyte 8KNXP rev. A2, Bios Award FK (09.02.2005)


The memory modules did just run fine for over a year but one day ago the PC didnt boot


and the alarm from the Mobo told me that the problem was with the Ram. So i opened the


case and tested the modules one by one with Memtest86 and discovered that the second


module was defective (found 4 errors on test 6).

Now i swapped the module's slots and the PC seems to run again but i wonder if there is


something i can do to fix this problem or, in the future, i will have troubles with


this defective Ram module?




D. Manighetti.

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