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Mixing Corsair and XXXXXX memory in iMac

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QUESTION: Is it OK to mix a Corsair Value Select VS1GB400C3 and a XXXXXX CT407782 in an iMac G5?




Background information:


In February 2005, I purchased a VS1GB400C3 from Newegg for my iMac G5.


Shortly afterward, I started getting the following error message on an irregular basis, but with increasing frequency:


You need to restart your computer. Hold down the Power

button for several seconds or press the Restart button.


This was accompanied by the fan noise that sounds like a plane taking off (Apple owners know what I'm talking about).


Apple replaced the power supply in April. And things were good for a while.


In late August, I started having the same problem. I started keeping track on September 23, and noted that this was happening every day, usually on the first startup of the day. There were also some kernal panics, and failures to come out of "sleep" mode.


On September 27, I re-installed the operating system to see if it was a software problem. This did not help.


Apple's hardware test found no problems.


I was planning to go contact Apple's service center, since the early G5 iMacs have known power issues. See http://www.apple.com/support/imac/repairextensionprogram/.


However, a friend of mine suggested running MemTest OS X. This simply locked up the machine for at least 9 hours (I let it run overnight). Because replacing the memory is relatively easy, I decided to do it -- just for grins.


On October 13, 2005, I replaced the Corsair VS1GB400C3 with a XXXXXX CT407782. Lo and behold, I have not had a single problem since then. This was a bit of a surprise, since I really expected it to be a power-supply related issue.


I have already received an RMA from Newegg. Since two of my co-workers are using the Corsair Value-Select 1GB sticks in their iMacs, I don't think there's anything wrong with the brand itself. So when I get the new stick, I'd like to put it into the iMac with the XXXXXX stick already in there, for a total of 2 GB of RAM.


Is there any reason I shouldn't?


In any case, I'll also try out the new stick seperately, and let you know what happens.


PS - Sorry about posting this in the wrong forum. This started out as a warranty request, but while I was writing this, I was able to obtain the RMA from Newegg.



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