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U3 Hummm? :roll:

U3 The Movie has not been released yet.

U3 The Game; Great game but maybe slow running on a flash drive

U3 The X-Rated Movie :eek: ummmm? Don’t go there!

U3 Under Coat 3 Not needed as our flash drives are already water proof.

U3 from one of our competitors is software that is similar to ours that we bundle with the drive.


Guy's and Gals please provide links to what you are talking about, its really hard to guess sometimes. It is hard for us to stay up on all of the new MB's let alone all of these other things that marketing people come up with.

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U3 is a new standard for software running from a USB Flash based drive. The Corsair USB Flash Voyager was not designed with those standards in mind. U3 is not mainstream at this time and in time it may develop into something that Corsair may consider while designing future products.
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U3 is a tightly controlled consortium of USB Flash Drive manufacturers.

The only participants (at this time) are, in no particular order:





Disk 2 Go



The products supported/available are found at the following link:



Considering the plethora of USB Flash Drives available on the market, the seven (yes 7) available U3 products available is a paltry sum.


I have it under good authority that Corsair is pursuing a U3 compatible product or one with similar features of their own design.

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